The Kyiv Accounting Group is an accounting firm with 100% American investments, which office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Our prime objective is to provide the most cost effective,  high quality, professional services in  accounting, bookkeeping, tax, outstaffing, payroll and HR areas.  We also specialize in business set up and internal controlling.

Our non VAT payer status and cost effective approach to administrative expenses make it possible for us to render high performance services at affordable prices.   

Among the variety of services we provide, our primary activities are as follows:

  • Accounting / bookkeeping services in Ukraine, in particular, accounting for representative offices of foreign companies, small and medium size international companies, accounting under IFRS and US GAAP;
  • Outstaffing, payroll calculation  and HR services in Ukraine;
  • Tax and legal consultations.

​As a young team we are always looking  for decisions  to optimize your business processes, to make them more comfortable for you and therefore to save your time so that you could focus on core business activities that drive profits directly. In other words, we are offering our services to save your time and money.

Driving forces of the Kyiv Accounting Group are:

  • The rule of law, full compliance with local and relevant international norms and regulations;
  • Compliance with the code of business ethics and professional behavior as well as internal rules and policies;
  • Timely fulfillment of the contractual obligation with a full scale and proper quality;  
  • Full transparency in business relationship, respect to the rights and points of view of others.