Payroll Outsourcing and HR Services in Ukraine


Payroll calculation is a very sensitive area of accounting and you should be confident that employees get what they have earned, taxes are calculated and paid correctly and the confidential data are protected.

Following the legislation in Ukraine is more challenging than in western countries, rules and regulations may vary few times a year and are not available on the internet in English. Sometimes they are not clear and leave room for interpretation. That is why it is better to outsource payroll calculation from a reliable service provider, such as the KYIV ACCOUNTING GROUP. 


Our well educated, experienced staff and a strong internal control system ensure that a major error is less likely to occur.  The KYIV ACCOUNTING GROUP is a trusted source for payroll outsourcing and related services. We provide a flexible payroll solution to meet your business needs. Your employees will be accurately paid in time and you can focus on your profitable business.


Our standard payroll outsourcing services include (but not limited):


-    Advising on the employment and labor law; 

-    Preparing Mid-Month and final payroll calculations;

-    Calculating & filling monthly and quarterly statutory (or management if needed) reports; 

-    Arranging timely payment of wages, salaries and deductions (Income Tax, Military Duty and Social Insurance);

-    Administering leave and expense claims, keeping track of employees’ vacations, sick-leaves, etc.