How to choose a provider of accounting services in Ukraine?


How to choose a Company that will provide you with accounting services in Ukraine is a question, which has no single correct answer, but we will try to highlight the main aspects that should be paid attention.


If you are a representative of a large multinational Company, most likely, your choice will be limited to the “Big Four” companies. If, however, you are not being imposed by an accounting outsourcing service provider, then, let's see why the companies are using outsourcing and the selection criteria:


1) Cost reduction - outsourcing should be a cost-effective and efficient solution for the Company. Are you ready to pay for your business partner's luxury office in business center,  do you agree to receive bills not for the quality of the service, but for every second of the conversation, for the time that the service provider specialists spend on setting up business processes?


Also, it is worth paying attention to whether your potential business partner is a VAT payer, since if you are not a VAT payer you overpay 20% (VAT rate) for services.

KYIV ACCOUNTING GROUP is not a VAT payer, so we are at least 20% more affordable than most of our competitors;


2) Cost Planning - by signing a contract for the accounting services provision, you hope to fix your expenses for their further planning.


But in practice it often happens that only the minimum of services cost is fixed, and each additional consultation, call or reference is charged additionally, or prices are revised after several months.


The Kiev Accounting Group fixes the final prices and does not charge additional fees. Approximate cost of services you can see on our website;


3) Quality of work - The Company can use a set of knowledge, employee experience and internal control system - the provider of accounting services in Ukraine has.


In practice, through the corruption of higher education institutions, yesterday's students do not have a sufficient knowledge base for starting a professional activity. Directors of companies that provide outsourcing services do not always have knowledge of accounting work, and since they are only thinking about how to make money, they undertake any task regardless to the lack of professional competence of their employees.


Do not be afraid to clarify with a potential business partner, whether the employees of their organization have international accounting certificates and also ask for client’s recommendations.


In KYIV ACCOUNTING GROUP, we take care of the continuous professional skills improvement of and employees education after graduation from universities, we reimburse the cost of international professional certification and the director of our Company is an acting accountant-practitioner;


4) Risks transference - the specifics of financial and tax accounting in Ukraine is the abundance of penalties in this area, so when choosing a business partner, make sure that the contract specifies the procedure for damage compensation caused by errors.


Hope abovementioned advices will help you to choose reliable and affordable business partner in Ukraine