Accounting Outsourcing

With all the goings-on globalization, outsourcing becomes very popular, especially among high-cost countries or high-growth companies, because it provides cost-effective way for them to improve their non-core business processes.

The Petterson & Bennett is an bookkeeping company that was established to meet this high global financial and accounting outsourcing demand. Our target market is small- and medium-sized international companies, their representative offices in Ukraine, foreigners and private entrepreneurs.We strongly believe that timely intelligence finance, accounting information and our professional advice to the clients’ management not only lead to increase in efficiency of their company’s performance but will greatly reduce risk of errors occurrence, as well as tax and entrepreneurial risks.

Based on past experience while doing business with different European and US companies, bookkeeping outsourcing may be suitable the in the following cases:

  • when the business is to small that to hire full-time accountant, but still need someone who should prepare financial and tax reporting;

  • when company can not find a person with suitable set of knowledge and experience;

  • if business of any size that want to focus on its core business line only;

  • the temporary services are needed (for example year closure or while looking for new employee or during vacation, maternity or sick leave);

Our accounting firm provides the following tailored outsourcing services:

  • Accounting outsourcing in Ukraine;

  • Payroll outsourcing and HR administration;

  • Tax and Legal Consulting;

  • Management accounting and internal audit/control function.

Accounting outsourcing in Ukraine

Finance and accounting outsourcing is Petterson & Bennett prime business line and by choosing us among other accounting firms or outsourced accountant as your bookkeeping service provider you will receive benefit in form of a local expertise and international management at affordable price.

Our bookkeeping company invests much in accountants by provided them with internal and external trainings, webinars, reimburses expenses on ACCA, CAP/CIPA or CPA certification, subscribed to professional journals, magazines. Developed internal control procedures and “four eyes” principle helps us to reduce “human factor” risk or risk of errors occurrence. In our activity we guided only by newest standards, legislation using only updated ERP systems.

Price on our bookkeeping outsourcing services depends on the size of client’s company, number of employees, nature of business its complexity and tax system. Especially for you we have established transparent pricing policy, thus you may find approximate fees for our services without any calculators or questionnaires by visiting price-list page. It can also be agreed to use not monthly fixed-rate but more flexible hourly-rate based pricing approach.

By contrast with local outsourcing companies, for international companies, their representative offices or subsidiaries in Ukraine we can offer comfortable communication in English, preparation of management reports of any complexity, meeting the tightest deadlines, preparation financial reports based on International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS), do accounting in corporate ERP system (SAP, Navision) or customized Ukrainian accounting program for your needs. Our accounting company can also provide assistance to foreigners with getting work permit, legal address, interim general director and other legal services.

Our reputation means a lot for us and we strongly belief that only our clients’ success may lead to our growth. Contact us to order accounting outsourcing or bookkeeping services in Kyiv.